Tricon Trexim Inc. can source for you the best quality fabric, home textiles, kitchen accessories and institutional/occupational products in a range of blends and compositions. Various kinds of fabric, made of 100% Cotton, Flannel, Percale, Polyester and Polyester/Cotton blends are produced.
We offer a vast range of products, which speaks expressively for its quality. From the glorious designing traditions to the soft, bright touch of spring, we cater to the ever - changing vogue. These products are made to your exact specifications and composition at modern factories.

This expressive range includes:

Synthetic ,Synthetic Blended yarn
2) Cotton Yarns
3) Polyester Yarn
4) Viscose Yarn
5) Open End Yarn
6) Blended Yarn
7) Acrylic Yarn
8) Fancy Yarn
9) Wool Yarn

We have diverse experience in bleaching, dyeing and printing of fabric including:
1) 100% Cotton
2) Polyester/Cotton
3) Flannel
4) Percale 5) Cotton Satin
6) Denim Fabrics
7) Suiting Fabrics
8) Shirting Fabrics

1) Sheet Sets
2) Bed Covers
3) Bed Skirts
4) Bed Ruffles
5) Bed Spreads
6) Quilt Cover Sets
7) Rod Valences
8) Comforters
9) Curtains + Tier/Swag & Tier/Valence sets.
10) Pillow Shams
11) Pillow Ticking
12) Floor Cushion

1) Bed Spread
2) Bed Sets
3) Towels

1) Apron
2) Oven Gloves
3) Pot Holder/Mats
4) Table Covers All Types

1) Flat Sheets
2) Draw Sheets
4) Patient Gowns
5) Aprons for different uses
6) Napkins
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