We are exporters and wholesale suppliers of denim fabrics, stretch denim  fabric, poly denim fabric, basic denim fabric, suiting fabrics and shirting  fabrics.

 Denim Fabrics
 Denim fabrics is more than a cotton fabric; it inspires  strong opinions from historians, designers,  teenagers, and writers. If continuous use of and  interest in an item makes it "eternally young," then  denim certainly qualifies. It is in this precious item  that we deal in. We excel in the range of different  varieties of denim jeans.

 All kinds of indigo rope dyed denim fabric including :
  Basic Denim Fabric
  Stretch Denim Fabric
  Poly Denim Fabric
  and other fancy varieties with slub etc.

 These are available in various qualities,  constructions, widths & weight as desired.
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 Suiting Fabrics
 Concept Textiles brings to you a unique collection of  Fabrics for Suitings. Suitings fabrics comes with a  grace and elegance that is unmatched elsewhere. We  bring to you fine elegant and splendid suiting fabrics  for all occasions! Casual, formal, business & sports.  Our suiting products make you look different in the  crowd. We offer exclusive range of suits with unique  styles and designs in different shades.
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 Shirting Fabrics
 We specialise in making fabrics for Shirting by  weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or  synthetic fibers. Cotton shirting, polyester shirting,  silk shirting are some of the shirtings in which we  deal. our shirting material is of the highest quality  and is used to make shirts of high value.

 All Fabrics are available in :
  100% Synthetic yarn
  100% Cotton yarn
  All type of Synthetic Blended.

 It has a wide variety of :
  Weaves - Twills , Satins, Cords, etc.
  Finishes - Peach Finish, Wrinkle Free
  Design - Checks, Strips, Plain, Dobby
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