Leading exporters and suppliers of cotton yarn, cotton knitting yarn, ring spun cotton yarn, cotton carded weaving yarns.

 No other material is quite like cotton. It is the  most important of all natural fibres, accounting  for half of all the fibres used by the world's  textile industry. Cotton has many qualities that  make it the best choice for countless uses:

 The ability of water to penetrate right to the  core of the fibre makes it easy to remove dirt  from the cotton garments, and creases are  easily removed by ironing.

 Cotton fabric is soft and comfortable to wear  close to skin because of its good moisture  absorption qualities. Charges of static electricity  do not build up readily on the clothes. Cotton  gives you real comfort and relaxation.

 100% Cotton Yarns Ring Spun
  Count Range -NE 16 to NE 100.

 We can also offer compact yarns in counts NE 40 till NE 60 can offer both in  combed/carded for knitting & weaving. All yarns are electronically spliced /  Siro- cleared and xorrella conditioned-Two fold yarns are on TFO doubling.

 Can offer yarns made from American cotton/ Australian cotton, Eyptian long  staple guaranteed for contamination free and bleaching.

 We also can offer combed gassed mercerized cotton yarns till count NE 100-
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