Bed Spread
 Concept textiles supplies you a wide variety of bread  spreads. Our bed spreads will make you feel fresh  and cozy while providing you with the comfort that  Concept Textiles is known for. Every product is  exquisitely designed and is sure to enhance the aura  of any place where it is spread.
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 Bed Sets
 Our primary importance is to use highest quality of  material for our beds, mattresses, box springs, sets,  layered beds, individual coil beds, comforters,  pillows, duvets and shams..even pet beds. We  arrange different types of air beds, waterbeds, latex  and Swedish foam beds etc.
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 A huge collection of towels awaits you at  Concept Textiles. We specialize in supplying all  kinds of towels say beach towels, bathroom  towels, logo towels, fun towels, sports towels  etc. Available in multiple hues and different  shapes and sizes, these are made from quality  material. In order to make towels more  fashionable, some of them have been  embellished with laces and fringes.
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