Exporters and wholesale suppliers of polyester yarn & polyester sewing  thread.

 A synthetic fiber filament which is composed of material containing 85 percent or  more polyester thermoplastic resin. The resin which may be either thermoplastic  or thermosetting. A polyester resin is created by the esterification condensation of  dihydroxy alcohols and dicarboxylic acids.

 Today over 70 to 75% of polyester is produced by CP( continuous polymerisation)  process using PTA(purified Terephthalic Acid) and MEG. The old process is called  Batch process using DMT( Dimethy Terephthalate) and MEG( Mono Ethylene  Glycol).

 Speciality fibres available in Polyster:
  • High /low shrink fibres
  • Micro Denier
  • Flame Retardant
  • Cationic Dyeable
  • Low Pill
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Super High Tenacity
  • TBL-Trilobal
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 We offer 100% Polyester Yarn Spun on both  Ring Spinning (R.S) as well as open end (O.E).  All single yarns are auto coned/spliced & 2 told  yarn are TFO Doubled-
  100% Polyester Ring Spun Raw White- NE 6  to NE 80s- suitable for knitting & weaving.
  100% Polyester multi-fold yarns in- NE 6 to  16-3 plies, 4 plies, 5 plies, 6 plies-available in  R.S. as well as O.E.
  100% Polyester sewing thread yarn-NE 20 to  50s on paper as well as perforated dye cones  (Ring spun) using SHT fibre.
  100% Polyester open end yarn-Ne 8 to 18
  100% Polyester Yarn made from Mcro denier  fibre 0.8D or 0.9D-Ne 20s to Ne 60s
  100% Polyester Yarn optical white using optical white fibre- Ne 20s to Ne 36s
  100% Polyester Ring Spun Yarns in dope dyed black color or any colour- Ne 12s  to Ne 32s
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