We are wholesale suppliers and exporters of best quality acrylic yarn &  acrylic fiber. Acrylic was once regarded primarily as a cold weather fiber for  blankets and sweaters. By modifying the basic fiber, engineers now produce  acrylic that expands the look and feel of sweaters to year-round use, provides  socks with greater comfort and significantly longer wear life, and that blends well  with polyester and other fiber rayon in other garments.
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 Acrylic Fiber has many properties like:
  • It is easy to wash and retins shape after wash.
  • Resistant to moths, oil, and chemicals
  • Dyeable to bright shades with excellent fastness
  • Superior resistance to sunlight degradation
 Acrylic fiber is used to make seaters, socks,  fleece wear, circular knit apparel, sportswear  and children wear. It is also used to make  blankets, area rugs, upholstery, pile; luggage,  awnings, outdoor furniture. It is also used for  industrial purposes like for asbestos replacement, concrete, stucco reinforcement  and other uses are like sail cover cloth, wipe cloths etc.

 It is also required to follow acrylic fiber care tips, which are as follows:

  • Acrylic Tops
  • Wash delicately by hand in warm water and then squeeze out water and then let it dry. If washing by machine then please use fabric softner especially during final rinse.
  • Machine dry should be at low temperature.
  • Avoid ironing or go for moderate ironing.
We can offer 100% acrylic yarn spun on worsted spinning system using. Available in both
- Raw white and dyed colored. We can offer both hank dyed as well as top dyed.
- Can offer on cones as well as hanks.
- Count range: NM 15 to NM 40
 100% Acrylic Yarn Spun on Cotton Spinning
 - System using acrylic fiber
 - Count range-NM 15 to NM 60
 - Available in Raw white (natural) and dyed colored.

 In this we also offer yarns spun from micro fiber. Suitable for chenille production.
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