We are the exporters and wholesale suppliers of variety of blended yarns, cotton  blended yarn, nylon blended yarn, polyester blended yarn.
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 Polyester/Viscose blended yarns :

 In this we have a wide variety of blends. We  offer both in natural raw white and colored  yarns.

 The normal blends available are P/v 65:35,  52:48 and in some special cases as per  customer's requirement. We also offer reverse  blends in P/v 30:70 or 20:80.

 We also offer the raw white blended yarns  made from 3D x 60mm fibre for that woolly  effect.

 We also offer high twist yarns for that crepe effect.

 We offer in raw white multi fold yarns or in 3 ply, 4 ply, 5 ply maximum.

 In P/v blended we also provide colored /Dyed yarns . Count range :-Ne 8 to Ne 50.

 Polyester : Cotton Blended Yarns :
We can offer above in both raw white & Dyed.
  • Dyed P/c is yarn dyed with batch size of maximum 500kgs per lot.
  • Count Range of P/c Dyed is Ne 16s to Ne 30s in both coroned and carded & in blends of 52:48 & 65:35 .
  • Raw white P/c is available in both combed/carded in single ply/double ply and multi fold yarns.
    - Blends available are 52:48, 65: 35
    - We can also offer CVC yarn -until count 60s-Count Range-Ne 10s to Ne 60s.
    - We also offer multi fold P/c blended yarn in both ring spun & open end from count range we 6s to Ne 16s with maximum 5 plies.
 Acrylic : Cotton Blended Yarn :
 Viscose /Cotton Blended Yarn :
 Viscose /Nylon Blended Yarns :
- Acrylic: Wool Blended Yarns-Raw White & Dyed
- Polyester:Wool Blended yarns-Dyed.
- Acrylic: Polyester Blended Yarns.
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