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 Wool was probably the first animal fiber to be  made into cloth. The art of spinning wool into  yarn developed about 4000 B.C. and  encouraged trade among the nations in the  region of the Mediterranean Sea. There are 40  different breeds of sheep in the world  producing a rough estimate of 200 types of  wool yarn with varying standards.

 The processing of wool involves four major  steps. First comes shearing, followed by sorting  and grading, making yarn and lastly, making  fabric. The finishing of fabrics made of woolen yarn begins with fulling. This  process involves wetting the fabric thoroughly with water and then passing it  through the rollers. Fulling makes the fibers interlock and mat together. It shrinks  the material and gives it additional strength and thickness.

 Wool yarn is used to make sweaters, dresses, coats, suits, jackets, pants and the  lining of boots.It can also be made into blankets and carpets.

 Woolen Yarns provide warm and cozy feel during chilled winters. It protects you  against cold and preserves your warmth. It is used to manufacture stoles, woolen  scarf, sweaters, woolen baby wears, woolen lady's wear, woolen men's wear etc.

 Following varieties of wool knitting yarn are normally used.
  Australian Merino Wool yarn
  Newzealand Wool yarn
  Lambs Wool yarn
  Spanish Wool yarn

 We can offer the following varieties 100% woolen yarns natural & colored-NM 15  to NM 56.
 Acrylic : Wool blended yarns natural & colored-NM 15 to NM 40
 Polyester : Wool blended yarns in colored- NM 15 to NM 60

 We can offer the above varieties of 100% wool and wool blend in both single ply  auto coned spliced & 2 ply yarn on TFO.
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