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 100% Cotton Open End Yarn
 Today, Cotton is dominating half of the garment  industries with varieties of uses. Cotton  occupies an indispensable position in the arena  of apparel and fabric industries/. We offer 100%  Cotton with high degree of durability and  reliability at most competitive prices.

 We at Concept - Textiles offer the best quality  of Open End yarns in variety of fibres to fulfill  the desires of our avid buyers. In open end  yarns following varieties are available.

  • 100% cotton-available in both auto-coro/coro lab as well as non-auto/coro. Count range from 6s-16s. Available in two fold and multi fold also.
  • 100% viscose open end yarns-count range from NE 20s to NE 30s
  • Polyester/Cotton open end yarns-count range-Ne 6 to Ne 18. Available in 2 fold and multi fold.
  • 100% Polyester open end yarn raw white count range from NE 8 to NE 18 in single ply, 2 fold yarn & multi-fold.
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