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 The environment friendly Synthetic Yarn which offers a broad range of color  alternatives for knitwear, hosiery, blanket, etc. Furthermore Synthetic Yarn is  categorized in different types such as 100% Polyester Yarn, 100% Viscose Yarn,  Synthetic Blended Yarn, Blended Yarn, 100% Cotton Yarn, Wool Yarn, Fancy Yarn,  Open End Yarns and 100% Acrylic Yarn. The variety and quality of Synthetic Yarn  makes it a subject of your ultimate choice.

Synthetic Blend Yarn

 The conglomeration of two fibers is known as  Synthetic Blended Yarns whether you spun  100% Polyester with 100% Viscose or with  100% Acrylic/ or 100% cotton or any other  fibre in any blend in this way customer get  more variety to design the end product.
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Fancy Yarn

 We export a wide range of fancy yarn. Fancy  Yarn are basically Chenille Yarns and Boucle  Yarns. Fancy Yarns are core spun yarns using  spandex especially in cotton and viscose.  Fancy Yarns are those produced with some  deliberate discontinuity introduced either into  the colour or form of the article with the  intention of producing an enhanced aesthetic  impression.

 This includes slub yarn- neppy yarn.

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