In this world of growing competition and modern emphasis on quality assurance,  all steps that we take and everything we do, is done with only one thing in mind:

 To produce Quality Goods at the Lowest possible cost.

 Our policy is never to compromise on quality. We have very open and friendly  relations with our clients. All required information is passed to them very sincerely  and on time.

 We believe that only by providing the Customers with the Services and Products  specified at the requested time, and in the stated manner, then only we can claim  to be a Quality Conscious Company, and expect the Customer's continued  patronage. Therefore we as a company must at all times ensure that we all  participate in producing our products in accordance with the customer's

 Tricon Trexim Inc. is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Quality Assurance  practices are followed at all times, at every stage of procurement, production and  inspection, for the purpose of producing quality products only. This verifies  product conformance with specified customer requirements. Records of  inspections are established and maintained to evidence that products comply with  stated requirements.

 The ISO department provides a management system at Tricon Trexim Inc., which  is free of non-conformance. The department has a training system that creates  awareness of Total Quality Management (TQM). All the departments and people at  all levels are involved in this activity. Tricon Trexim Inc. has a team of qualified  and certified auditors who check, improve and ensure the consistency in the  system.


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