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 Viscose rayon fabric as popularly known is  from viscose (cellulose xanthate) fibers. It is  cellulose ester obtained by treating cellulose  with caustic soda. The International  Organisation for standardisation prefers the  name viscose to rayon (regenerated cellulose).  The name viscose was derived from the word  viscous, which describes the liquid state of the  spinning solution.

 In burning test, rayon mostly resembles  cotton. It ignites rapidly, sometimes faster than  cotton, burning with a large bright flame.

 Usually require dry cleaning for better result. High wet modulus, high wet strength  and polynosic rayons, will normally machine wash and tumble dry satisfactorily.  Avoid spilling acid and alkalis on viscose.

 The low wet strength of untreated viscose is likely to cause shrinkage and loss of  body if fabrics made of these fibers are machine washed or hand washed. Viscose  yarn is moisture sensitive, so it should be protected from moisture.

 It is one of the most misunderstood fiber. It is nor a natural fiber and neither a  synthetic. It is a fiber formed by regenerating natural materials into a usable  form.
 Application areas :
  Household fabrics
  Industrial fabrics
  Embroidery thread, etc.
Grades :
Dull Lustre
Bright Lustre
Micro Denier
Modal etc.
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 Features of 100% viscose ring spun yarn
  100% Viscose Yarns: Raw White / suitable for  knitting, weaving & industrial application.
  Count range 10s to 60s in single ply/multifold  waxed/unwaxed, suitable for knitting and  weaving
  Dope dyed 100% viscose yarns in count range  Ne 10s to Ne 40s.
  Dull viscose - Ne 16s to Ne 40s.
  High twist viscose yarn for crepe effect
  Viscose chennille yarns
  Viscose yarn twisted with Nylon Filament  (ELITE)
  Viscose Yarn core spun with spandex/Lycra
  Viscose Yarn made from Micro fibres in 0.8D
  Modal Viscose 100% and in blends.
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